“This is our third time coming to Shell Rotella® SuperRigs® and second truck to get in the calendar. Getting in the calendar is a huge honor and being picked a second time is even more shocking. When you’re a small kid and see the calendars hanging around places, you’re like man, one of these days that could be me. It’s something that you always aspire to, a great tradition that we’re honored to be a part of.” - Terry Aslinger &Family, Marquand, Missouri
“I’ve always wanted to build a truck that would be worthy of Shell Rotella® SuperRigs®. I have chills talking about it. A good friend of mine that we lost yesterday, Mr. Troy Huddleston, told me I need to get this truck here. This is my first SuperRigs® and to get the word that I was chosen for the calendar, it was an emotional moment for me. I was almost in disbelief. It’s a childhood dream come true. This calendar shoot is for Mr. Troy, who we dearly love.” - Bubba, Krystal & Kolt Branch, Lakeland, Florida
“This is my first Shell Rotella® SuperRigs® show. The boys have always wanted to come but we just haven’t been able to make time We’re proud to be here. When they picked me for the calendar shoot, I was just thrilled to death. The boys were too. I can’t say enough. Just overwhelming. I picked up the phone and started calling everybody because I felt so privileged. I use Shell Rotella® T4 in everything I own - trucks, dozers, log skidders, even my lawnmower.” - Jerry Whittmore & Family, Springdale, Arkansas