Do you like to kick back and relax by casting a line after a long trip on the road? If so, this is for you! We chatted with pro angler and SuperRigs guest Jimmy Houston to get his best tidbits on how to catch more fish and have more fun. Many anglers are impatient and become easily frustrated if fish are not biting early in the day. Jimmy believes that confidence is key, saying you "have to keep your bait in the water and believe you will catch one on the next cast!"

When it comes to assessing new water, Jimmy says "I consider the type of water it is – lake, river, pond, creek, natural; the time of the year; the wind and water conditions. These four elements allow me to make good decisions on where to fish." However, these are not the only elements that affect Jimmy's approach to fishing. When it comes to bass, Jimmy told us that "rainy weather is the best – light conditions are darker which allow you to get closer to the bass without scaring them. The strike zone is usually larger since the barometer is moving faster."

Jimmy loves peacock bass, and the rivers in South America are full of them. When he goes out on the water, there is one essential lure that he can't leave home without. Jimmy says that lure is a spinnerbait, "even more importantly a Redman Spinnerbait, chartreuse white or chartreuse blue." Finally, we asked Jimmy what he's most looking forward to at SuperRigs. He told us that he's "really looking forward to seeing the trucks and all the people. This is an exciting and fun show! I can't wait!" Well Jimmy, neither can we! If you want to hear more tips and tricks from Jimmy, join us at the 40th Annual SuperRigs in Branson, MO on June 9-11!