You have been to SuperRigs in the past, but this was your first time as a judge. How was it different from what you expected?
I’ve been a competitor at truck shows for decades but to be on the judging side was wild! Instead of being focused on one truck, I had to focus on all of them. When there are so many awesome trucks to judge, the task of finding the ones that have that “WOW” factor and stand out from all the others can be challenging.
What are one or two things you look for in a truck when it rolls through the judging line?
There are so many things I look for in a truck when judging but one of the most important to me is the little details a driver adds to their rig to show their truck’s personality. I also like to stand back and just take it all in, and to try and picture the truck from across the highway going the other way.
What was your favorite moment from this year's SuperRigs?
There were so many awesome moments at this year's SuperRigs but for me, it was getting to meet each driver as they rolled up to the judging line and knowing how important this moment was to them.