This is my first SuperRigs® show. We've wanted to come for years and finally decided we're coming hell or high water. I've been collecting calendars since 2004 and have one for every year since then. It's always been a dream of mine to be in it. So, when I was asked to be in the calendar, I was super excited. I really couldn't believe it. Actually, I'll probably shed a tear foryou because it's pretty fine."

– Brock Belina, Eagle Nebraska
"We're just a couple of old boys from Louisiana that love having old, good-looking trucks. When we got this truck, and started putting our spin on it, we felt it had a cool old school vibe to it. That's how it got its name: Old School Cool. This is the first SuperRigs® I've ever been to. First time ever making the calendar. So that's a pretty big honor for us. We're really proud to be here and couldn't ask for a better end result."

– Andrew Ditz, Sibley Louisiana
"This is my first Shell Rotella® SuperRigs®. The reason I came here is that 25 years ago my father and son came to SuperRigs® and he didn't make the calendar. I've accomplished everything he has and now with making this calendar, I've done better than him. I couldn't believe it because being my first time and getting picked for the calendar — it's just a great honor. And believe me, my dad helped me out tremendously and he's as proud as I am right now."

– Todd Gribble, Somerset Pennsylvania