“This is my first Shell Rotella® SuperRigs®. I never thought I belonged here. My buddy twisted my arm to come. I'm glad he did because this is one of the best days in my life. Since I was around 8, I remember looking at SuperRigs® calendars and thinking how cool it would be to be in there some day. 38 years later, here I am. When they told me, I didn't know what to say. My breath was taken away. I was in shock. I couldn't have been happier.”

– Bryan Koliha, Schuyler, Nebraska
"I'm a third-generation truck driver. My dad actually brought me home from the hospital in a cabover Peterbilt when I was born. I started coming to SuperRigs® in 2019 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. I love coming because it's all about passion and hard-working people and family. The people here treat you like family. It's not just about trucks. It's about hard-working trucks and the hard-working people that drive trucks."

– Buck Crombie, Checotah, Oklahoma
"This is my first Shell Rotella® SuperRigs®. 40 years of great trucks, great oil. It's an historical event. My goal was not to win best of show. It was to make the calendar. It's monumental to make the calendar. When they came up to me and said, "how are you doing?", I was like, Ohhhh, I was just, I couldn't, sorry, but it's just a passion. I mean, all your work pays off. Somebody notices the pride you take in your ride, and it's just great!"

– Mike Hicks, Joplin, Missouri